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Tax Wise Software offers unlimited forms, no e-filing fees, and all states, Dependable Tax Solutions customer and technical support available around the clock during tax season and both desktop and online options. Please call for a custom quote.

Starting at $400


Desktop Tax Prep Software

Simple and fast data entry

  • Conversion for most competitors’ software
  • The forms are color-coded for required, calculated and direct-entry fields.
  •  Quick-link icon provides access to supporting forms
  •  Work on screen or print returns in Spanish for more than 60 forms in the 1040 package.
  •  K1 data flows seamlessly from 1065, 1120S and 1041 returns to 1040.
  •  Return Query takes a snapshot view of all return information.
  •  Access software program help by pressing F1.
  •  Shift + F1 takes you to IRS Instructions and Publications
  •  Context Sensitive help can be found at the bottom of the screen
  •  No Extra charge for network installation

Online Tax Prep Software

More secure, more flexible and less administrative duties

  • Same look and feel as the desktop program
  • No installation or updating the program for both federal and state updates
  • No backup or restoring return information necessary
  • No networking required all you need is a computer and high-speed internet
  • Access your software from anywhere with just your user name and password.
  • Data entry is simple and flexible with a choice of either Interview or Forms input method.
  • Program and Forms help are readily available from the home screen.
  • Access the latest Industry and Software information with just one click on the tool bar.

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